Why would my doctor get annoyed/disappointed after telling me my blood test results?

all-natural treatments question by the who: Why would my medical professional get annoyed/disappointed immediately after telling me my blood test benefits?
I just had the flu and I went to my doctor for a blood test, and they located out that my cholesterol shot up sky substantial even though I’ve been on “natural treatment” for it, they confirmed I had the flu, and also told me that I had the epstein barr virus, so I guess I had mono at some point in my life, which I in no way was advised or knew about or even keep in mind acquiring.

Is it achievable to have that virus and not know that you have mono? That was odd. Is untreated mono unsafe?

In any case, he personally referred to as me later on at night rather of 1 of the nurses calling me throughout the day does this mean he believed it was a lot more serious?

In any case, he seemed rather annoyed and relatively disappointed in me or what ever when he was talking to me, like he believed I was like …purposefully attempting to not take care of myself or one thing.

I do not know, all I know is, I was in there for antibiotics last month for not feeling nicely, then the flu, I get sick alot, I can’t assist it.

Why do doctors get down on their sufferers like that sometimes? They act like we’re not getting responsible or some thing, like this is all our fault.

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Answer by Laura Beth
They think they are God.

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