Whats the best natural treatment for adrenal insufficiency?

organic therapy question by : Whats the best natural remedy for adrenal insufficiency?
I am very a underweight 21 yr old male and have low physique mass simply because of metabolism problems brought on by adrenal insufficiency.
What natural dietary supplements can i consider that will restore adrenal glands to correct function.
P.S is natural licorice a good remedy?

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Answer by Burden
Licorice can lower testosterone which would not assist the most. The Geranamine plant creates a chemical known as DMAA or Methylhexaneamine which is a natural stimulant that increases adrenal working. This is employed in numerous physique creating goods for its results. There are some pharmacies i’ve noticed offering supplements containing it but you can also order a pure electrical power of DMAA online for fairly inexpensive close to 10 bucks for 3 grams and it is successful in doses as reduced as 50 mg so that would have tons of makes use of really cheap. If you dont really feel cozy dealing with a white powder although there are several places i have witnessed selling the ground up plant itself in capsule kind or for teas.

Right here is a internet site that sells the pure powder and also explains a bit about it

And right here is a web site that sells the crushed up plant in capsules

The two should have the identical effects just the powder is less costly and can be mixed with drinks or put in capsules as well.

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