What’s the best natural or at-home acne treatment?

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property treatment question by corby_edouard: What’s the greatest natural or at-home acne remedy?
I’ve often struggled with moderate acne, and I’ve attempted just about every more than the counter acne remedy and even some prescription products, but they’ve never truly worked entirely. Most goods at least preserve my acne beneath control, but none of them have ever genuinely diminished my acne at all.

So I’ve been pondering about trying some natural or at-home acne therapies, but I am not certain what to use. So what would be the greatest at-home acne remedy that can give me genuinely very good outcomes? And are there any treatment options that perform relatively quickly? Thank you!

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Solution by Stacy A
I use toothpaste. Not the gel, but the white paste and leave it on overnight. It aids with the redness and swelling and its practically gone by the am

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