What natural “cures” should I take regularly.?

normal cures question by Theaterhelp: What natural “cures” should I take frequently.?
I was acquiring back pains every morning for about a month. I had heard that ginger was a natural anti-inflamitory so I started out drinking a sturdy fresh ginger tea and withing about three days I have NO discomfort.
Does any person else have expertise with natural “cures” that can be incorporated very easily into a typical diet program? Any experiences are appreciated. I am particularly interested to hear if anyone can point to specific positive aspects they have had with garlic, calcium or ceyanne pepper

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Answer by Lakely
One more genuinely wonderful factor is Kombucha. I make it regularly and it has sorted out numerous issues and keeps power degree large and youthful physical appearance.

A big and useful natural cures resource is at New Totally free Books at the Leap More than Net Clutter section.

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