What kind of doctor would I be considered if I wanted to work with nutrition, natural remedies….?

organic therapies question by : What type of physician would I be deemed if I needed to perform with nutrition, natural treatments….?
I like to cook and prepare food, and I love to study nutrition.
But, nutritionists don’t make that great of cash,
so I want to integrate other a lot more superior occupations.
My mom speaks of acquiring gone to a “natural medical professional that promotes wellness and lengthy phrase treatment”.
I’d also like to work with inpatients, if feasible. If not, that is fine.

But, is there any type of ‘doctor’ that does this?

I’m big on natural/herbal, becoming healthy. That is what I’d like to have in my occupation as nicely.
Also, I am wanting to take a psychology course although I am nevertheless in highschool.
Maybe that could be added to what I could be and what I’ll study in college?
I found it,
it really is not osteopathic,
it is naturopathic.

But thank you 🙂

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Solution by GhostRider54
I imagine this is called getting a ‘holistic’ doctor, the place natural treatments are preferred, and the complete scenario is taken into account before a treatment in order to make sure health in the future and further on from that point.

As far a profession you could be a dietrision (sorry about that spelling) and dependent on the place you reside the rates differ, but becoming a normal medical doctor medical professional you can make funds and advice individuals on healthful eating choices…

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