What is the best way to get rid of tension and/or migraine headaches fast and efficiently?

by San Diego Air & Area Museum Archives

property remedies query by Adrian Salgado Lopez: What is the greatest way to get rid of stress and/or migraine headaches quick and efficiently?
Other than Tylenol, Aspirin, Alieve, Advil, etc. what is the ideal “home remedy” for these kinds of headaches.

Home Remedies best reply:

Response by David
Mineral Ice on the back of the neck often worked for me.
Then I lie down in bed. Towel on the pillow to keep the mineral ice from staining the pillow case. Place a dark towel more than my eyes
(no mineral ice on the eyes it burns!!!!)
Dark space, quite, and go to sleep. The following day I am awake and a lot much better.

PS Workout keeps migraines from coming back.

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