What is the best home remedy to lower blood pressure?

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house treatment question by Shangrala: What is the very best home treatment to reduce blood strain?
I have searched on the net searching for home cures on decreasing substantial blood strain. There are so several it’s tough to decipher which would have the greatest results.

So I imagined it would be a far better thought to ask folks on a personalized note. I am trying to attain people that have utilized a Home Remedy to lower substantial blood strain and have had achievement their selves.. ( In other words I want it from the horses mouth )
Thanks for studying my submit.

residence treatment best answer:

Reply by Blaine Jackson
I did a handful of issues to deliver down my blood strain

Have a glass of tepid celery juice every single morning for a couple of weeks, it cleans out the digestive tract which will normally assist reduce your blood stress.

Consider flax oil or fish oil

Lower way down on fatty or processed foods

I also had acupuncture, covered all of my bases

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