What is a good home treatment for planter warts?

property treatment question by Samantha Ocker: What is a good home treatment for planter warts?
I have skin colored warts on my hands and feet and when I asked my mom about them she explained they had been planter warts. She thinks they’re not worth going to the doctor for, so what are some good Home Remedies? I have noticed of using duct tape, but will that make it spread even more? And also, if you use the method of coating it with nail polish ,can you nevertheless use that bottle of polish on your hands or is it infected?

Thanks for any help!

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Answer by Lola Rose
duct tape worked for me! but you have to be persistant. i wouldnt go to the physicians either simply because i tried liquid nitrogen each two weeks for over a yr and all that did was hurrrrt. we also tried banana skin but it was the duct tape that did it! 24 hrs on 24 off. for as prolonged as it takes 🙂

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