What is a good home treatment for lower back pain?

home therapy query by jem_jerrica579: What is a very good Home Remedy for decrease back pain?
A pal of mine that lives out of town only one and half hour drive anyways he’s been having decrease back ache for a couple of days now tonight when i was chatting to him on msn i inquire him if he had any discomfort killers he said no and i asked him if he has any funds to purchase some he mentioned no then i asked him if he had a heating pad and he stated no once again and i asked him if its any better then it did 2 days ago he said a little and it commenced when he was sitting down and watching t.v. with his girl pal (its not me) i would like to know is there any Home Remedy he can do to consider away his back pain?
HE HAS NO Pain KILLS AT ALL AND NO HEATING PAD just want to know what is great Home Remedy HE HAS NO Income TO Purchase Anything at all FOR IT.

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Answer by hushnowjustplayit
The ideal pain reliever I have ever found for back ache is Aleve. It genuinely performs.

As soon as the pain has eased, the best factor to do is stroll. Do not above do it, but you do need to move all around since what leads to the ache is the muscle tissue spasming from making an attempt to hold the injured component of your back motionless. Walking and massage will assist that a great deal.

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