What are the best natural cure for clogged heart arteries?

organic remedy question by Elyonics: What are the very best natural remedy for clogged heart arteries?
Also, can you give me some of the ideal vitamins for the heart. I’ve heard vitamin C is very good for the arteries but alas, unproven claims interspersing about vitamin c otherwise.

Some of my arteries or capillaries are apparently blocked coz of signs e.g. shortness of breath, on and off chest pains i’m feelin recently.

I’d visited physicians but all of them scoof me that i’m also young to have heart diseases. They carry out some tests e.g. physical examine up, ekg, & 2d echo w/ doppler and all upshots went properly.

All i need to have to know now for the indicate time, ahead of an additional sojourn to a diverse doc, is the exceptional Best HOME and NATURAL remedy and extraordinary important guidelines to declog this onset blocking.

Lastly, obtaining an examplar blood stress, does that underscores excellent heart as well? If you have an onset clogged arteries does that impact blood strain efficiency?

Thanks. I need badly the planet’s aid!

Lionel, 30, Cebu, Philippines

all-natural cure ideal solution:

Answer by minus
Go to the hospital anc dheck your self in.

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