What are some natural remedies for bronchitis?

natural treatment method question by Darnell: What are some natural remedies for bronchitis?
I have bronchitis signs, and would value if somebody could recommed a excellent natural treatment for it. My doctor recommended antibiotics, but they make me sick. I am also coughing very badly. Please aid!

all-natural therapy ideal response:

Reply by Robert
Hello Darnell,

I would advocate a certain homeopathic remedy.
It is named “Allium Sativum 6”.
To obtain it you would require to search on-line for a Homeopathic pharmacy.

This is how the remedy Must be taken. Failure to comply basically implies the treatment will NOT Operate:

Absorption takes spot in the mouth so you need to have to suck on the remedy right up until it has dissolved. (If you swallow it entire, it will NOT Perform.)
There must be no taste of anything at all else in the mouth when you get it.
You need to depart thirty minutes thereafter, before eating or consuming.
During the remedy time period, you must avoid the following which negative the medication:
Stay away from: Mint, menthol, eucalyptus, coffee.
You as a result would also need to have to buy at the identical time as the remedy, a homoeopathically damaging toothpaste, such as “Kingfisher Fennel” toothpaste.

If you observe a significant improvement in your situation, do not consider any more remedy except if and until the signs return. This is simply because whilst the signs and symptoms increase the treatment is working. Taking it once again, may cease the impact!

I have to level out two other matters:

one) Others, especially physicians typically describe homeopathy as invalid, but you ought to make up your very own mind.

2) Homeopathic practitioners would say that any remedy should be matched to each and every person’s unique symptom picture. This is right, but I am recommending you consider this 1, due to the fact it tends usually to function well with lung infections.

I hope you come to feel much better soon.



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