Q&A: What is the best treatment for uterine fibroids?

organic remedies question by jussagirl: What is the greatest treatment for uterine fibroids?
My doctor suggests I get a endometrial ablation, which basically destroys the lining of my uterus and would make me infertile. This is because one particular of the fibroids is expanding below the lining. This “remedy” would only support with the mentstrual signs and symptoms (lighter, shorter, significantly less unpleasant), but not with the day to day discomfort. The fibroids would carry on to develop and I would nonetheless have to have surgical treatment.

I would choose to shrink the fibroids, and go with a natural strategy if possible. Please advise what is the finest program of action. I would like to at least have one youngster.

all-natural treatment options finest reply:

Answer by Lili T
If you feel in holstic medication you could try natural items as a way to start shrinkage of the fibroids. You could also cease eating red meat and chicken and concentrate on consuming fish, nuts and veggies as a way back to wellness. And then, if your preference is alopathy, then pay a visit to an OBGYN who will point you in the path of surgical treatment for removal of the identical presented it can be accomplished. Any method you choose, I wish you all the best.

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