Q&A: What is the best home treatment for acne?

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house treatment question by Apocalyptica: What is the very best home treatment method for acne?
I have a single actually negative pimple that will not seem to be to go away. Appropriate now, I am washing my encounter with warm water and soap, and then rinsing with cold water. I heard that warm water opens pores and cold water closes them. I am also placing Hydrogen Peroxide on it.

Any other great Home Remedies that can help?
I attempted to pop it. I squeezed the heck out of my encounter. It would not pop. 🙁 Stupid thing.

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Solution by I am exhausted…
DONT TOUCH UR Encounter!!

that helps a lot with helping to not make pimples apear.

if its painful, then u want to pop it. i know itll harm, but u dont want it to get infected.

following u get the nerve to pop it put some hy. peroxide on it and leave it alone.

make positive you got all teh crap out of it.

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