Q&A: Tension headache – what can I do? Home alone with two kids.?

Home Remedies question by yp_bri_vancouver: Stress headache – what can I do? Home alone with two kids.?
Three years ago I was hit by a automobile, me on a bike, broke my colar bone amongst other things. Now, I get occassional tension headaches. I was prescribed Vicodin for them, nevertheless I am home alone with my toddler and infant. I know it truly is not a migraine since I have had individuals, too. I took a shower to try out to loosen up, but still have the headache and it really is manufactured me nauseaus.

Do you know any very good “remedies” that I can do alone that will not impair my cognitive potential?
(My husband is in Iraq – I employed to drink a glass of red wine and have him rub my back and shoulders, that usually did it.) Please note, I can not afford to go out and pay for a massage, and I am nevertheless nursing.

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Answer by michael
deep breathing… fill your lungs gradually but fully thru nose, hold it five secs… release gradually ot mouth. repeat. this is also good for the heart…

also GENTLY massage your own temples and neck tendons… it will help.

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