Q&A: How to Help 22 YO Son who Can’t/Won’t work?

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My son is 22 years previous. He is only been out on his personal since last October and has been residing on a workman’s comp settlement. The income is practically gone and he nevertheless has not gone to work. I will not want him to have to move back home. He has a history of depression. He’s at present taking med, but I am starting to think that he Can’t function. He doesn’t seem to have the drive or determination to do anything. I am at wits finish due to the fact I don’t want him to end up on the streets. Any person right here have a comparable scenario? What can I do? I’m desparate for answers. Thanks to all in advance.
Just so you know. He has been in treatment his complete lifestyle. He now refuses to go. Each and every test that could potentially be run has been run so numerous occasions he has them memorized. I do feel alone and desparate here. Thanks once more!

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It does not sound as if your son’s depression is getting totally treated. In addition to meds, if his depression is that serious, he need to be in therapy, a day treatment program and/or a supported operate setting (e.g. component-time occupation with a “task coach”). You want to ask his medical professionals about remedy possibilities. He must not be permitted to sit about all day and isolate.
The other possibility is that there is anything going on in addition to depression. He need to be totally tested by a psychologist, an individual that will do some real exams, not just sit with him for 15 minutes and then prescribe some capsules. Again, inquire all around for referrals. If you dwell in the State of CA, then you can inquire for testing via the Regional Center system or attempt your local Department of Psychological Well being. It could get awhile.
The other selection is to let your son move back home, but with problems e.g. he Should be in treatment, a day treatment system, and so on.
It sounds like you are alone in all this, and this is also a lot for one particular particular person. You require a therapy “crew” and a assistance group for mothers and fathers. Appear on the internet or in your neighborhood. This is actually also a lot for a single man or woman to manage.
Good luck.

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