Q&A: How effective will this be in clearing my acne?

normal remedies query by leviwhennenn: How powerful will this be in clearing my acne?
Ive been perscribed benzoyl Peroxide ten%, tretinoin gel .01%, clindamycin phosphate gel usp one%, and finally minocycline 90mg.

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Reply by Marius M
You might take the prescription as your physician explained. I go through positive and adverse testimonials on benzoyl peroxide, but you must be informed before using it:

Anti-acne creams with benzoyl peroxide is presently in a lot of “treatment options” for acne: cleaners, asringent solutions, moisturizing creams. In large concentrations, it is utilized in whitening teeth.

Benzoyl peroxide is extremely flammable, explosive, toxic, probably carcinogenic. It removes the bacteria from the skin surface, but is a sturdy irritant that can lead to worsening of acne or even speak to dermatitis. It also favors cost-free radicals, that undermines the natural protective layer of skin, rising the threat of skin cancer.

Currently, benzoyl peroxide is regarded in the U.S. as an unsafe ingredient and the law stipulates that cosmetic goods containing it must have labels that warn customers of possible dangers they run.

You better try out sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), salicylic acid or tea tree essential oil diluted in clean water.

Antibiotics are not advisable for treating acne, neither oral or local ones. Even on the contrary, they often aggravates acne. Antibiotics destroy the bacteria accountable for building last stage of acne. But bacteria mutate and grow to be resistant to antibiotics. And the great bacteria in inner organs don’t mutate, and are consequently destroyed, which aggravates acne and rashes, not to mention other troubles triggered by the use of antibiotics, this kind of as infection with Candida albicans.

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