Q&A: Can I do facial peeling at home?

natural remedies query by muskaan: Can I do facial peeling at home?
I cannot go to the parlours / Asthetics clinics for facial peels. I heard about herbal peels wht are these consist of and can I do this myself at home?

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Answer by Artemm
Why you can’t go to a clinic?

“Herbal peels” are an option to “Chemical peels” Herbal peel (also identified as “Green peels”) are created from natural herbal acids not from chemical acid merchandise.

About the “self-remedy” nicely, some goods (chemicals or herbals) are offered to the basic public but do not anticipate the exact same final results as with the ones done by professional personnel.

Some peels have side effects that you must be aware on advance (skin burns, skin pigment modify, and skin scarring). Home goods are supposed to be “safer” (in theory) than the ones used at parlors, but for anything at all carried out to your face is better to seek the advice of a skilled.

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