Q&A: Anyone have any advice about nightmare prevention?

residence treatments query by of: Anybody have any suggestions about nightmare prevention?
I’ve been possessing some horrific nightmares recently and have woken up screaming. I know I require to see a shrink but in the meantime, does any individual know if something you can do before sleeping to support quit nightmares? I am open to something. I am actually frustrated and have not been obtaining adequate rest simply because I’m so afraid of the undesirable dreams. Assist!

P.S. This is NOT a query about dream meanings. It really is strictly about “home treatments” I can apply ahead of sleeping in order to support stop nightmares from taking place.

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Solution by am i incorrect?
I used to have them all the time, and I noticied if I read a book appropriate prior to bed, or watch a film, I will dream about something about what I study or watched as an alternative of a nightmare. very good luck

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