Q&A: Any doctors out there who can verify or denounce Kevin Trudeau’s 2 “Natural Cures” books?

all-natural cures question by Veritatum17: Any physicians out there who can verify or denounce Kevin Trudeau’s two “Natural Cures” books?
Some in my loved ones are loving his books and touting them. I am banging my head against the wall trying to get them to halt listening to his advice. Clearly, eating more fruits and veggies is great for you, cutting down on red meat, refined sugar and alcohol all do wonders. That a lot you do not need to pay out $ 29.99 to figure out.

Can a qualified medical particular person denounce distinct claims please?
(ie: Insulin is Negative for diabetics, candida yeast causes most heart attacks, shellfish are always undesirable for you, saccharin causes most cancers, antibiotics really should not be taken unless you are near death, magnetic bracelets will stop )

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I have also heard somethtin about him getting a fraud. somethinga bout he was arrested, but i’m not confident.

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