Q&A: According to Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” don’t want you to know about….?

natural cures query by ???: According to Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” don’t want you to know about….?
If medical science has failed because folks are getting sicker far more than ever such as: cancer, diabetes, etc…how do you make clear that the average lifespan has gone up significantly than lets say one hundred years ago? If one hundred many years ago food and water was supposedly less toxic and a lot more natural, why have been folks having a shorter life span along time ago? Is Trudeau right or incorrect. Natural healers are most welcome to solution this query along with “scientific” healers.

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Answer by Dona Anya
Let me 1st begin out by saying that longer life does not necessarily equate to *far better* life. As harsh as it sounds, there are a lot of folks who have lived several a long time, tied to machines in a sort of half lifestyle. Nevertheless, there are also folks living in rain forests that are nicely over one hundred yet act and search considerably like men and women half their age, who know nothing of refined foods or “contemporary life”.

I feel that there are several technologies, each environmental and medical which have contributed to the wellness and nicely being or mankind. I feel although, as the population has grown, specifically because WWII, we’ve place also several little tested chemicals into our meals and setting, creating us sick. Typical medicines can be a blessing in a brief phrase emergency, in which option remedies may take as well lengthy to work. Even so, in current years, the rise of the pharmaceutical market has led men and women into a harmful dependency…it really is frightening to see new names patented on old illnesses, and sufferers asking medical doctors about medicines they never recognize due to the fact of an fascinating commercial.

Anyway, I wasn’t hot on Kevin’s book – while I agreed with some of what he said, I did not like that his book did not come up with more than a handful of widespread sense remedies -it was a pitch to get far more points on his internet site if you needed to know the “cures”. In my viewpoint it ranks him about as substantial up as the industries he criticizes. There are a lot of much better books out there which can teach men and women about the advantages of organic food and a non-toxic way of life.

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