Nature cure (formerly called water cure) : or, home treatment without medicine Reviews

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Nature cure (formerly called water cure) : or, home treatment without medicine

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“The most precious possession of a country and society is man.
Every life represents a certain value. To keep it intact to its end is
not only humane, but in their own interest, the duty of any Com-
monwealth.” — Prince Rudolf of Austria.

“Follow Nature; she is the best teacher, and makes never a mis-
take.” — Pestalozzy.

THE very best thing man can possess is health,
and wise are they who strive to regain and
keep it.

A great reform movement in medicine is going on
now. It is gaining daily, and the “thinking” people
of our time see its need.

To supply this need there has appeared quite a
number of ‘ ‘ cures ‘ ‘ or healing methods ; for, what the
people want, ever so many endeavor to provide.
Nature Cure, formerly called “Water Cure,” though,
crowns all other methods. It gives to our bodies
what Nature herself uses in creating and maintaining
a healthy physique — air, light, sun, water, whole-
some food, to which we add proper dress, dwellings,
exercise and rest, according to need, and with mas-
sage as a substitute for exercise, and as a healing
factor in many chronic diseases.

For more than fifty years in Germany it has had


a hard fight against medicine, but now it is more and
more recognized there, and forms part of the curri-
culum in some of their medical universities. In the
United States quite a number of Nature Cure Sani-
tariums have been established and flourish, among
others the Battle Creek Sanitarium, in Battle Creek,
Mich.; Dr. Carl Strueh’s Sanitarium, Chicago; Sani-
tarium Jungborn, at Bellevue, Butler, N. Y. ; Dr.
Sheppard’s, 81 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
and many others. Let us follow their example by
spreading it for the benefit of suffering humanity,
and by helping to bring up a healthier generation.

How soon we lose respect for a man who professes
to know that with which he is not conversant, or to
be that which he is not. No business man can long
keep our confidence if he prove ignorant of the
principles of his work. To-day we find, more than
ever, schools for training our young people for the
various walks of life, and for rendering them more
fit to be good and able citizens.

If this is so necessary elsewhere, why should not
the future parents of the land receive some instruc-
tion as to the duties of their high and holy calling?
Do we value the physical body so lightly that we can
afford to remain in ignorance of its most funda-
mental hygienic laws ?

Surely not. Then why should not our young men
and women be most carefully instructed in the duties
of fatherhood and motherhood? Why should they
be allowed to enter into that most sacred of relation-
ships more ignorant than even the lower animals!


These, by nature, are protected to a degree through
their instinct, a power almost, if not wholly, lost to
man, through centuries of wrong living. If reforms
are ever necessary — if society, or the human race, is
to be radically benefited, here we must begin, and our
young people must be taught that their physical
bodies are the “Temples of the Lord,” and to use
them and respect them as such. If this book helps
some to such an uplifting of their ideas, and so
results in some happy homes, where disease, with its
train of evils, is properly met and naturally defeated,
the writer will feel that her life has not been in vain.
We want to feel, with the great poet, that

“All are but parts of one stupendous whole
Whose body Nature is, and God the soul.”

Marriage, as we all know, is fundamentally for the
reproduction of the race. “Multiply and replenish
the earth” is a Divine command, which lays upon us
a duty, and those who enter into married life and
undertake the fulfilment of this command should see
to it that they fulfill not only the letter but the spirit
of the law, and so produce only healthy offspring.
To do otherwise is a crime….

Nature cure (formerly called water cure) : or, home treatment without medicine

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