Natural Treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder

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Natural Treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder

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Why the One Pill Fits All Mentality has Not Worked

Most people and doctors still believe that ADD/ADHD symptoms are caused only by a disruption of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. This belief and drug companies clever marketing to doctors and the public make drug intervention the first and most often, only intervention used. Yet ADD/ADHD has its’ etiology in multiple biological, neurological, and learning areas. While every ADD/ADHD person is unique in the degrees they are affected in each area of challenge and the nutrients which are impacted by their biological differences, they have clear similarities. By addressing the multiple root causes of the challenges they face our Creative Risk Takers can reach their potential and be highly successful in all areas of their life.

I work from the understanding that

…medical explanations including brain imaging of persons with ADHD reveals certain neurological patterning. This ADHD patterning is ‘hardwired’ in the brain and ADHD has a genetic component.

…brain hardwiring’ is to a large extent happening in the very early developmental years (including time in the womb) but not complete until we are 30 years old. It is our own life experiences which ‘hardwire’ the brain and create our brain physiology and physical wellness or disease.

…DNA does not ‘do’ anything – it is just a blueprint. DNA must be activated. This requires perception/interpretation of our environment. We are not victims of our genetics – we are actually the designers and creators of our reality and we have the ability to change our ‘wiring’. Epigenetics demonstrates that the genome dynamically responds to our environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins and other factors activate chemical switches regulating gene expression. Basic behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that were observed in our parents become “hard-wired” in the neuro-pathways of our subconscious mind. This subconscious programming controls our biology all our lives unless we learn ways to reprogram them.

…the brain is amazingly plastic and through training it can improve in function as well as in intelligence. We need to reconsider beliefs we hold about how the brain works and the foundation of human intelligence.

…ADD/ADHD and other mental health issues are symptoms of underlying medical problems, neurological and biological imbalances and learning differences.

…each of us is doing the best that we can based on our current level of knowledge, ways of processing, and awareness. ADHD has nothing to do with morality, ability, or effort and everything to do with releasing old patterns that no longer serve us. It is time to remove the horse blinders and see the whole picture in order to positively impact the outcomes for these children and adults.

About MaryEllen Jirak

I am a highly acclaimed teacher, award winning author, educated in the science and psychology of human behavior. I hold a BA in Elementary Education and an MS in Special Education. Being an ADD creative and having raised one gives me a unique perspective. I share proven techniques that can assist you to achieve amazing high-impact results in your effectiveness as a parent, teacher, or ADD creative to create happier homes, classrooms, and lives using the fewest steps in the shortest amount of time.

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Natural Treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder

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