Natural Treatment for Improving Eye sight?

natural therapy question by RAJ K: Natural Treatment for Bettering Eye sight?
Hi guyz,
Just wanna know about the Natural treatments accessible for Correcting or Improving vision.I have a slight Astigmatism of significantly less than 1 in each eyes. I am organizing to have a career in Armed forces(may be flying). So i want to know about any Natural or Substitute treatment method readily available for Rectifying this condition. I dont want to go for Surgical process like LASIK or PRK.Lasik and PRK are not a strict taboo in forces and they can be easiy detectable thru a test. I have noticed about Bates technique and Exercise routines, but dont know how much productive they are in correcting Astigmatism. Make sure you tips.
Thanks in advance.

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Solution by gigi
If I were you, I would take any probabilities in which my eyes are concerned. Possibly my leg or my arm but not my eyes. Please check out the advance registry of opticians. They provide so a lot of totally free visits these days. You just have to pay out for the operation. My mom just had the Lazer factor done and she look to be as excellent as new. If you are not sure what to do. Go to your standard medical professional and he will refer you to a expert.

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