Natural Cures”they don’t want you to know about”By kevin Trudeau?

natural cures query by khamy: Natural Cures”they do not want you to know about”By kevin Trudeau?
Does somebody know about the site?
I heard we have to spend a subscription to get all data about: Natural Cures.
It genuinely really worth it? or is another way they make you loose your funds.

normal cures greatest solution:

Answer by Gary Y
It really is yet another way they make you loose your money.

From Wiki – check the sources:
“In connection with his promotional actions he has had a felony conviction and has been an unsuccessful defendant in numerous Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuits.[40][41][42][43][44] Trudeau has been charged a number of times by agencies of the United States government for generating claims without proof.

Trudeau was convicted of fraud and larceny in the early 1990s.[46] The FTC has sued him repeatedly and keeps an in depth record of its conflicts with him.[47] A court order currently restricts his ability to promote and sell any item or service however, he is permitted to promote books and other publications due to free-speech protection below the Very first Amendment as prolonged as they are not employed to promote or sell products or services and do not include misrepresentations.[7][8] On November 19, 2007, a court located Trudeau in contempt of that court order for creating what they contemplate deceptive claims about his book The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.[48][49] In August 2008, he was fined much more than $ five million[50] and banned from infomercials for 3 years for continuing to make fraudulent claims pertaining to the book. The quantity of the monetary damages was later enhanced to $ 37 million.[51]”

And it goes on.

“No proof of claims
Trudeau has been criticized for his inability to offer significant evidence to back up several of his claims. Despite the fact that he provides anecdotal evidence, he has not provided proof that this kind of buyer claims have been evaluated by a licensed medical practitioner. As this kind of, any claims produced by Trudeau or his supporters that his book or other company endeavors have aided folks cannot be verified and are primarily based solely on testimonials. In situations in which Trudeau has been asked to supply proof of his claims, he has misinterpreted medical studies or cited dubious or fictitious research. For example, Trudeau cited a nonexistent 25-year study research involving a natural cure for diabetes at the University of Calgary.[71] When Jake Tapper confronted him, Trudeau insisted that he had a copy of the study and would offer it, which he in no way did.[72] He now claims on his infomercials that the University destroyed its findings to prevent reprisals from the pharmaceuticals market.”

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