Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

Organic Cures For Hemorrhoids

Rubber band ligation, infrared coagulation, sclerotherapy and hemorrhoidectomy are some of the treatment method options to treat hemorrhoids. You can opt for any of these treatment options but if you choose the natural cures for hemorrhoids, you have lots of alternatives.

Correct Cleansing and Anal Hygiene.

It is imperative that you clean your rectum correctly soon after bowel movement. To avert aggravation of the hemorrhoids and irritation of the skin, refrain from rubbing moist towelettes or toilet paper. 

If feasible, clean the area in a shower or a bath. Soap is an irritant and should be avoided. Plain water is sufficient. If bathing is not probable, use soft wipes gently. Never scrub the area as it is quite prone to breakage and can lead to bleeding. 

Dry the area completely with a towel or a blow dryer. 

Wholesome Bowel Movement

Do not control your want to go. Stopping bowel motion even for numerous minutes can lead to reflex constipation which will prolong your urge to go, resulting to more difficult stool and a lot more painful bowel motion. Go to the toilet anytime the urge comes, even if it is a number of occasions a day. 

Prolonged sitting as properly as continual straining on the toilet can lead to unnecessary expansion of the hemorrhoidal venous cushions, producing your condition worse. As significantly as possible, keep away from straining for a prolonged time. Strain gently. Limit your sitting to 3 to 5 minutes. If you have not completed your bowel movement in this time, it is okay. Get off from the toilet, clean up and walk all around. Wait until you feel like going before you return to the toilet. Stay away from speaking to the telephone, studying, watching Tv or playing video game even though sitting on the toilet. 

Natural Astringent

Natural astringents like horse chestnut, white oak bark and witch hazel can tone loose tissue, hence stopping the bleeding. These herbs are also acknowledged to support strengthen blood vessels. Make a tea or extracts out of these plants and apply it immediately on the anal area. 

Organic Anti-inflammatory

Plants with natural anti-inflammatory properties incorporate witch hazel, horse chestnut, elderberry poultice or mullein poultice, neem, slippery elm and white oak bark and so forth. It can be either be orally taken or applied immediately on the swollen rectum. These herbal medications also have the capacity to minimize pain and prevent constipation.

Nutritious Diet plan

Food and drinks play an essential role in the remedy of hemorrhoid. Some sorts of food contain natural anti-inflammatory properties which assist in the treatment process, although most aid you to move bowel simply. 

Foods to consume: Eat 20 to 35 grams of fiber everyday. Desire whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and bran cereals. 

Foods to avoid: Foods that contain low or no fiber really should be avoided. These are milk, meat, cheese, ice cream and all processed foods.

Liquids to drink: Liquid aids move bowel effortlessly. Water is usually the best. Fruit juices double as liquid and fiber supply.  

Liquids to avoid: Soda, alcohol, wine, beverages and coffee. 

Sitz Bath

Soaking your body or your bottom region in a tub of water is powerful in relieving the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids. Do it for at least ten minutes, 5 occasions a day. 


Natural cure for hemorrhoids can also be located on over-the-counter creams, ointments and teas that include natural herbs and plant extract. OTC merchandise can lessen the symptoms and treat hemorrhoids with the identical effect as their natural plant counterparts.

Written by Charlene Nuble
Charlene Nuble is a wellbeing care specialist who loves writing about parenting, women’s troubles, wellness and other stuffs that interest her.

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