My Hair Care Routine, Tips & Home Remedies

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My Hair Care Program, Tips & Home Remedies

I’ll see you guys tonight on LIVECHAT ^_~ 11pm GMT London. See you there. I am exhausted these days so I am so sorry if I seem dead. Miss you! x This is a requested video of my haircare regimen so I will go by means of the items that I use and how I use them. I also go by way of haircare tips & some Home Remedies that I swear by. The items that I use for my hair are as follows: Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions Shampoo (for dry/damaged hair) Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions Conditioner (For coloured/damaged/dry hair) Tres Semme Therapy Masque CHI Ionic Color Protecter CHI Silk Infusion Hope this video was helpful. I was trying to go through as considerably as feasible simply because I was in a hurry to get ready for work but all in all, if you have inquiries email me at and I’d be joyful to answer them. Please be patient with me, I’m slow. o_O x Considerably love, Bubbi xx For Beauty, Hair & Style
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