Is there anybody who could not be diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder?

normal cures query by REL: Is there anyone who could not be diagnosed with some kind of psychological disorder?
Is not it amazing how quick people are to diagnose individuals with supposed psychological disorders, and to medicate for very same? Scary, isn’t it, how swift individuals are to accept drugs to “normalize” them!
And the seemingly modern trend toward natural cures was very first posited and affirmed in the Baha’i writings as well.

With all due respect, it would look to me that the Native Americans and the ancient Chinese used natural remedies extended ahead of the Baha’i – appropriate?

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Answer by Professor Armitage
That is really astute of you. I have to agree. They make far more cash with a quicker diagnosis and by prescribing as significantly medication as they can or the most expensive ones they can. It is a organization, and like any other, money is the bottom line, if that solutions your question.

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