Is the book “Ultimate Healing” another scam like the “Natural Cures” book? Is the info really IN THE BOOK???

normal cures question by Angie J: Is the book “Ultimate Healing” another scam like the “Natural Cures” book? Is the information actually IN THE BOOK???
I have the Kevin Trudeau book and it really is a comprehensive scam. The book refers you to the webite to view these “secret cures” that are supposed to be in the book, and you have to spend cash to subscribe to the internet site! That’s ridiculous simply because I bought the book to discover out the info! So I keep seeing this Ultimate Healing book, and I wonder if it’s going to turn out to be the exact same issue, given that I feel like I wasted excellent funds on the other book. Does any individual know about Ultimate Healing? Is this book truly reputable?

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Solution by Duncan M
In Trudeau’s initial Natural Cures book he wasn’t allowed to give the precise cures by brand title, or the greatest place to by the natural cures he mentions. Since specified aspects of the government stated if he did they would confiscate all his books to be destroyed, type of like what occurred to the producers of the Hunza bread. Thats why he could only mention all the data to the cures on his web site. But in his 2nd book More Natural Cures Exposed he mentions each merchandise, business, organization and health care process that does remedy sickness. He feels he is definitely protected by the 1st amendment proper to cost-free speech, so no government or medical establishment can ban any legitimately researched data.

I have not study the book Ultimate Healing so I cannot comment on that book.

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