Is it good to do “Breathing Treatments” when you have Pneumonia?

residence therapies query by Mhm (:: Is it excellent to do “Breathing Treatment options” when you have Pneumonia?
like im house sick with Pneumonia :/

&& my mom says i should breathe deep and blow out deep to support it.

But when i do, it hurts my chest and makes me dizzy, she says it will support me get over it faster.

What do you think?


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Answer by quackpotwatcher
breathing therapies that add water to your lungs almost certainly is not a great point to do,,,,pneumococcus,or 1 of a hundred and sixty viruses is/are the causative critter. it multiplies
,and requires a great deal of water from your method ,accumulates in the lungs,,thereby cutting off oxygen
if doc has provided you the right antibiotic,and says moist air is ok do it,,,,
it may support to apply a vibrator to your back to hold lung goop moving
up so you can cough it up

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