I was diagnosed 14 years ago with MRKH and having a tough time. Any other women with this condition?

house remedies question by : I was diagnosed 14 many years ago with MRKH and obtaining a challenging time. Any other females with this condition?
So devasted even now not being capable to have young children. Please no suggestions for “home remedies”, please know what MRKH is first. And please no solutions telling me I am lucky for not possessing periods. Thanks.
Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have totally working ovaries but yes the docs have ruled it out fully as my “uterus” is only a tiny clump of tissue.

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Answer by formerly_bob
I am obviously not a woman, but have you been ruled out as a candidate for surgical correction? In a lot of instances, a individual with this syndrome can grow to be pregnant via a mixture of surgery and drug remedy. If you have not talked about this subject with our doc, it might be worth asking. And even it you have had this discussion, it may possibly be well worth asking for a referral to a expert in this area to get a second opinion.

You might have typical ovaries. With this problem, the eggs frequently have no way of reaching the uterus or nowhere to implant – this is what surgery corrects.

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