How to treat mild gingivitis and shade anomalies?

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I just got my braces off that I had had on for virtually 3 many years. When the braces came off, my orthodontist told me I had a mild case of gingivitis, and to get my teeth professionally cleaned, and then do some at home treatment method. It’s not a negative case, not by what I saw when I looked it up, at least. The gums are slightly enflamed and a little sore.

I’ve already booked an appointment for my cleaning with my dentist next week, but is there something I can do now? I do not understand what he meant by “at home therapy.” What variety of therapy?

Also, there are spots exactly where my brackets had been on my teeth, like the shading is distinct from the edges of the tooth to the center. Is there any excellent at home way to treat this, or will the cleansing take care of it? I use a stain treating toothpaste the moment a day anyway, will this just go away?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by TwistedxKiss
Why didn’t you inquire him what he meant? I would inquire your dentist.

I was warned that I had to brush my teeth genuine excellent although I had braces or there would be spots on my teeth from the brackets.

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