how to fix gaps without going back to braces again?

all-natural treatment options question by Tropical Dainty: how to fix gaps without going back to braces once more?
right here is the picture of my genuine teeth just copy the hyperlinks and open one more window tab then paste the hyperlink:
(I took a image of my teeth three times)
(Retainers) Disastema

This was the time that I’ve been wearing my retainers for 9 months up to now and the massive problem right here is that each time I wear my retainers my teeth craetes a bigger gap on my middle teeth.

My dentist gave me this new retainers which I am sporting it right now told me to use the important to modify each and every week to near the gap, but wht occurs is that my gap grew to become larger.


This is my teeth two months ago when I lost my old retainers and waited for 1 month to get a new 1.

here is the image mof my teeth just before I got the new retainer. I also have gap in this photo but you cannot see it since the gap is to small. So I made a incorrect choice of asking a new a single.


Really the truth is I’ve been sporting braces for to extended now considering that I was 9 yrs. old up to the time I reach 21. So it has been 12 yrs from 1998-2010 and I also had surgical procedure with my frenum which causes my teeth gap in my upper gums close to my middle gap teeth.

But the question right here is that:
“How can I fix my gap with no spending as well much for the dental treatment?”

I’ve been to six various dentist and none of them did not fix well my gap and I’ve spent to significantly income for twelve yrs for my braces and wore retainers for so a lot of months now then I had a surgical procedure, and I had veneers (pasta) but when I request to eliminate the veneers to my dentist it developed a greater greater gap like the teeth of Snookie from the Tv display “True Blood”.

I really genuinely want this to be closed but how?

I never want to have bonding veneers because it’s not long term it will not last forever and it may crack and fall into pieces every time I bite some thing challenging on food.

I want my natural teeth to be closed.

Is there a low cost cost for fixing the gap?
I spent to a lot just before just for the brace since it lasted currently for twelve years and nonetheless I have a gap.

Right here IS THE CLEAR Picture OF MY GAP


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Solution by kaylee b
hmmm normally your retainer will near the gap.

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