How can I stop my excess sweating? Please help!?

organic treatments question by Earth Mama: How can I halt my excess sweating? Please help!?
I have had it because puberty in my hands, underneath my arms and in my feet. I can offer with the first two, but the feet factor is really annoying! Winter is espically probablimatic as my feet grow to be swiftly wet, cold and they get sores on them from the continual hot/cold alterations. I want I could say it was brought on by my thyroid, even so it is not so in that scenario my physician stated there is not a complete lot I can do about it as it, and that botox injections is the only truly reliable “therapy,” which I have heard is also in unpleasant in the feet area. Has anybody located a remedy that really performs? I feel I have attempted almost everything natural so far, and a load of different deoderants. I’m sick of getting to pack a suit situation of dry outfits, sox and shoes just to go out foe the day!! Thanks really a lot!
Also, can any individual tell me if there is a medicine for excess sweating that does not have weight obtain as a side impact? Thanks once again!

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Answer by Kraig T
I located a blog that explains how to quit excessive sweating. There are a couple of items on the weblog that will assist you.

I’ll leave a link to the website under.

hope this assists…

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