How can i pass a saliva drug test?

property remedies query by swordplay12: How can i pass a saliva drug check?
I never want to get any items, but it would be “useful” for me to pass this drug check. so, what is the very best way, making use of “home treatments” to pass a saliva drug test? i smoke marijuana for spiritual functions this kind of as meditation.

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Response by panurge
You would do much better if you discover employment with an employer that is “pot friendly”. I have smoked pot for more than 40 years now. I never wished to function for any employer that was uptight about pot use. I used to be a truck driver, but the drug testing laws modified all that. If I was driving along , and a child ran out from in between parked vehicles, and I hit him,I would be tested. If I check positive for a joint I smoked two weeks ago, I would go prison for vehicular homicide ! If I examined clean, the kid would just be dead, and I would be nonetheless driving. Pot, at least for me, has Never impaired my abilities to drive. I have even passed 2 sobriety exams when cops thought I had been driving and toking.

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