Has anyone tried the weight loss “tricks” from Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures?

organic cures question by sugarsweeteegrl: Has any individual tried the weight loss “tricks” from Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures?
Has any individual who has study Kevin Trudeau’s book ,Natural Cures “They” Never Want You To Know About, attempted the items mentioned for excess weight loss? Have you had any sucess? If so what issues did you or didn’t you stick to?
Nicely so far no 1 has even came near to answering this query…I Didn’t Request if any individual thinks they man is legit and blah, blah, blah (yes, even I have my doubts…)I just simpliy needed to know if any of the items he has talked about in his has assisted any person Lose Excess weight OR NOT and what things DID THEY Try out. Try out answering the question without all the obtaining into all the crud, PLEASE

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Solution by Solo
This my opinion, but I believe Kevin Trudeaus is a total “rip-off!” His book talks much more about controversy and government scandals than accurate methods and cures for the health care circumstances he claims he can remedy. Also, when you get the book, you need to have to pay out more money for his internet site or other month to month journals.
I feel he preys on the fears of the public and develop false hopes for the people without having several choices to make people buy his book.

My advice, consume more healthy, workouts a lot more. Straightforward law of universe, burn far more calories than you eat to shed excess weight.

My two cents.

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