does anyone have the book Kevin Trudeau’s “NATURAL CURES”?

all-natural cures question by Drea: does any person have the book Kevin Trudeau’s “NATURAL CURES”?
I have a husband that has enphazema, he has ad two lung surgeries and can not have yet another one. He is possessing a tough time. I saw the book but am affraid to purchase it as money is short. I would like to know if the book has something in it about lung ailments. your support would mean so a lot to me.
does any one particular have or know of any net sites that might aid me in information on lung diseases

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Answer by John S
Trudeau is notorious for spreading misinformation and quackery, about 4 many years ago he was heavily penalized by the FTC for his practices. His book isn’t worth the price tag.

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