Does anyone else feel that Western medicine is an atrocious joke?

organic therapies question by celestej123: Does anyone else feel that Western medicine is an atrocious joke?
I do not know Anybody who has really been aided by medical doctors in the United States. I know loads of people that have been hurt by them. All they do is hand out capsules with nasty side effects that result in more ailment and illness, or get people hooked on painkillers. It really is like they are legal drug peddlars. Why do you feel that there are so many people suffering from illness and chronic pain in the U.S.? I really wish that folks would quit listening to doctors and flip to holistic types of healing. It breaks my heart to see so numerous individuals needlessly struggling simply because they believe what these “specialists” inform them.
I’m not offering something wtf. I’ve just had a horrible experience with healthcare in the U.S. and I know several other people in the same circumstance. Doctors can only help individuals in specific circumstances that they are qualified for, in numerous situations they just don’t have a clue what’s incorrect or what to do, so they hand out tablets. Even many cancer patients have benefited a lot more from Holistic healing than from chemo. If you don’t want to believe me that’s fine, listen to physicians who inform you there is “no cure” for plenty of issues there are really cures for, they just never take place to know about them. I’m not saying medical professionals cannot help with specific factors, certainly.

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What drug are YOU on? America has better hospitals and medicine than most other countries in the globe…..

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