Do ice close or open skin pores and how does it happen?

property treatments query by psychologyblog: Do ice near or open skin pores and how does it occur?
“The ice opens the pores of your skin although benzoyl peroxide is given the possibility now to go inside people open pores to destroy the acne bacteria..” – site/at-home-pimple-treatment

“Apply an ice cube to the pimple and hold it for a few minutes. The ice cube decreases the swelling and redness and at the exact same time shrinks enlarged pores.”-

Okay…. so which one particular of these content articles is appropriate? Best a single sounds like ice opens pore. Bottom 1 states that it closes pore.

Thanks for the clarification and explanation in advance !
IsaRich, what is the title of the course you took. I am very interested to learn what you have learned.
The mom. So you say ice closes the pore, which seems to make sense by your explanation of the contraction of the capillaries. When you state that Benzoyl Peroxide only works on the surface of the skin, are you attempting to recommend that when applying Benzoyl Peroxide, do it although you are putting hot water on the encounter because hot water will open the pores and allowed the Benzoyl Peroxide to penetrate deep.


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Answer by Tony
IT truly opens your pores…occasionally teenagers will ice a element of their skin and put salt on that spot to really feel the burn up since the salt clogged the pores and it hurts. So yeah it opens it

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