Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit

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Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit

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  • Completely Overcome Vaginismus – 2 Book Set
  • Medical Grade Vaginal Dilator Set (5 sizes)
  • Overcoming Vaginismus DVD
  • Forum Pass

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These complete treatment kits include everything that you need to overcome vaginismus in the privacy of your own home – the most effective resources available – Start Now!
Vaginismus Home Treatment Program – TWO BOOK SET: Well-illustrated with over 300 pages detailing the professional self-treatment of vaginismus, this comprehensive two book set covers all aspects of successful home treatment in a simple step by step format. Employing the techniques used by professionals, Completely Overcome Vaginismus – The Practical Approach to Pain-Free Intercourse and companion Personal Journal & Workbook provide breakthrough solutions and a complete program for the treatment of vaginismus. Each step is geared towards treatment with very specific explanations, detailed illustrations, and exercises provided. The most progressive resources available for overcoming vaginismus in the privacy of your own home. Natural Shape Vaginal Dilator Set: This medical grade vaginal dilator set is perfect for treating vaginismus and other similar conditions. Each set includes five multi-sized graduated dilators, a universal handle, lubricant, and care instructions all within a soft unbleached muslin pouch. The dilators are carefully crafted with a comfortable size range, a seamless finish, and a low-friction texture to allow smooth entry and eliminate sticking. Treating Vaginismus (DVD Video Version): The only video of its kind, Treating Vaginismus follows a couple struggling with vaginismus as a specialist guides them through the treatment process. The best audio-visual material available for the practical use of vaginal dilators (the video does not fully address vaginismus treatment, emotional aspects, nor crucial PC muscle exercises). A helpful reference when combined with the Completely Overcome Vaginismus book set. Vaginismus Forum Pass New! Don’t go through vaginismus alone! The exclusive Vaginismus Forum Pass allows you anonymous access to the helpful & private community center.

Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit

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