Can you not get your cleanings from a general dentist when you’ve had “work done”?

property treatments question by Isa: Can you not get your cleanings from a general dentist when you have had “work carried out”?
I have an implant and crown and three veneers. My prosthodontist, whose workplace is 42 miles away, insists that I go to her to get my cleanings done. She said that “special treatment” is essential due to the fact of my veneers and crown. She stated other dentists who do not comprehend the work I had completed can be rough and could not be in a position to totally clean the areas that are the most vulnerable to decay/injury (ie. the implant place and exactly where I have my veneers).

She is 42 miles away. I’ve tried asking if I can just go to one more dentist but she keeps insisting I have to get my cleanings carried out there.

Can not I go to some other dentist nearby who does veneers and implants to get my cleanings performed?

What I never understand is, what if I move to one more state or country, am I going to have to constantly come operating to her office each and every six months?

I’m not positive if this is ridiculous or not. Some insight, please.
Traveling 42 miles + 42 miles back home is this kind of a burden when gas is $ 4.00/gallon.

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Answer by Ashely Lynn
She is possibly just worried if you go else where to have your teeth cleaned you will ultimately have your performed there and she would loose your enterprise. Other dentists and hygienist are just as educated on how to clean and take care of your operate.

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