At home treatment for eczem thats sensitive enough for my 3 year old?

residence therapy question by : At home therapy for eczem thats sensitive sufficient for my 3 year old?
Ugh, my baby girl has a truly undesirable eczema out break on her chest… Anybody have any very good Home Remedies or at Home Remedy that is sensitive sufficient to operate with my a few year old? 🙁 poor child, it hurts her if I even put lotion on it 🙁 Her skin is cracking oozing and bumpy…

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Answer by Annie
Hi, I work at a derm workplace AND I have suffered from eczema most of my daily life. I will post to you our office’s recommendations for treating and caring for eczema:

1. Gently wash skin with Cetaphil for delicate skin wash, pat dry.
two. Only use a hundred% cotton on her sensitive skin, other fabrics irritate the eczema. Like if her jammies are all polyester, that polyester will continue to irritate her. Attempt to come across a hundred% cotton undershirts to shield the region.
three. Only wash her clothes in dye free of charge, perfume totally free laundry detergent such as Purex. The dyes and perfumes can irritate the eczema.
four. Don’t use any lotions or lotions on her, especially ones with perfume. Only use a thin coating of Vaseline for moisturization, or consider Cetaphil lotion as that is produced for skin this sort of as this.
5. If she is actually itchy, utilizing Benadryl (if it there is dosing for three year old) at evening time as this helps management the itching so she can sleep at night.
six. Completely steer clear of any items with perfumes or wool.
7. If you have a cat or canine, it can make matters worse, keep her bedding and clothing as clean as attainable.

IF you cannot get it below control with the above, or if it is oozing stuff or hunting or smelling humorous, please please please bring her to the medical doctor or when youngsters scratch as well much they can get a secondary infection. Also, they can prescribe some thing that will aid heal the entire region and please think of your baby’s comfort, eczema is very very uncomfortable when it flares. I hope this assists you.

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