Anyone know of any natural remedies or chemical-free flea and tick repellents for dogs?

organic therapy question by Carrie: Anybody know of any natural treatments or chemical-free flea and tick repellents for canines?
I have three tiny chihuahuas and they are indoor canines but go outside to potty and play for quick periods of time. I have in no way used any flea/tick preventatives due to the fact of all the chemicals in them. Now with all the media displaying how sick they can make animals, i undoubtedly will not be using them! I located a tick on 1 of my canines these days and now want aid locating a risk-free, chemical-totally free, natural remedy. Any tips?

organic remedy best reply:

Answer by Zom-bee
Wash your pet with castile soap and warm water.

Dry your pet completely.

Combine up an herbal rinse by adding a ½ cup of fresh or dried rosemary to a quart of boiling water.

Steep the mixture for twenty minutes.

Strain the rosemary and cool the resolution.

Spray or sponge the rinse onto your pet’s coat liberally and massage into skin.

Permit to air dry. Do not towel dry as this will wipe off the rosemary residue
If you want attempt other natural insect repellent like mint, cinnamon and cedar.

Good luck

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