Any “Home Remedies” for Restless Leg Syndrome?

property treatments question by Marsh: Any “Home Remedies” for Restless Leg Syndrome?
I was diagnosed with RLS a handful of years ago right after a sleep research and have been on Mirapex ever since. We just switched insurrances at function, and now our scrip coverage STINKS. Does anyone have any Home Remedies that will in fact get my feet & legs to settle down & relax at evening when I am attempting to sleep?

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Solution by Angela M
I as well have RLS and I hear your discomfort. Did the Mirapex operate for you? I have not attempted a prescription nevertheless. Anyway, what I have been carrying out is taking extra Iron every single day to help with my RLS. Lately with a change of pace in my existence even though it hasn’t been assisting as considerably. I take a slow release Iron and Melatonin (to support me fall asleep) proper before bed. It worked for a number of years but my activity level has enhanced and I have been waking up right after a few brief hrs of sleep with pain. I would like to try one of the prescriptions…assuming that they operate. Great luck!!!

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