Any good at home treatments for sciatica?

house treatment question by J: Any good at home treatment options for sciatica?
i have sciatica on my left side…i was questioning if there are any at home treatment for this? the soreness commences in my upper hip, moves down all the way to my ankle at times..thanks! god bless!

home therapy greatest answer:

Response by goldenhairedsurprise
My husband had these very same problems. The Dr informed him he may require surgical treatment!
Alternatively, he went out and purchased an inversion table and began inverting his entire body and it actually assisted him. It will take the stress off the compressed disks and makes it possible for more spinal fluid to circulate.
It would require you to spend some funds, but I feel anything at all is really worth a consider in contrast to possessing surgery.
You can Google Teeter hangups, and see what I am speaking about. My husband did get his at a
area referred to as “Perform it Yet again Sports” and purchased a used inversion table, so it was a ton less costly.
However, you want to get one that has all the proper elements even now there, since you are hanging and laying upside down.
Best of luck to you, I hope this aids!

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