6 Natural Cures for Cancer (And other problems like AIDS)

six Natural Cures for Cancer (And other troubles like AIDS)

There’s a lot of misconception about cancer. We have been informed by the so known as ‘experts’ who function in accordance with the large pharmaceutical corporations that there is NO identified way to cure or even prevent it, and instead they advise us to take their chemo & radio treatment options for it which, quite plainly, either cause a lot more damage than there really is or have no effect on the cancer at all! However, there are men and women out there (Rick Simpson, Jim Humble, just to name a couple of) who have found natural, secure and far more effective substances to fight cancer. Hundreds, if not 1000’s of folks throughout the world have employed these substances and claimed to have effectively cured themselves of various kinds of cancer, such as terminal, and other folks claim to have cured themselves of other illnesses like arthritis, migraines, MS, anxiousness, depression and even AIDS & malaria by utilizing them. But the mainstream media will not promulgate any of this, and the large pharmaceutical businesses will not endorse them. Why? Maybe it is due to the fact they’re not as worthwhile as their own made drugs! The massive pharmaceutical market invests so much cash by manufacturing and offering their medication drugs and by deluding the public into pondering that there is no other substitute medicine. If the folks discovered out about these substances, the whole of this monopoly may possibly effectively just fall apart. Also, science has proven time and time yet again that the trigger of cancer is due to below nutrition, especially due to a lack of
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